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Check Out Dev is a critical part of the We Are Volume DSP Model (Development, Staging and Production). This model is essential for providing the checks and balances necessary for running a high-availability production server environment efficiently.

About Check Out Dev

The basic concept of DSP servers is simple. Developers test their code on a server designated as development to see whether that application will run with other code.

Simply put, this server is a development box. If you are running a project with us we will set up a subdomain that is specific & private to your project.

Once the developer is satisfied that the application is ready for prime time, the application moves to a staging server.

Why a Development environment

There are many reasons but these are some of our favorites:

  • Software development is a continuous process. To avoid the issues caused by software development and reducing the risks of blocking business.
  • To reduce risks of unwanted downtime due to developers ad-hoc rigging
  • To improve the SLA of application and provide better user experience to your users
  • To reduce the risks of production data getting into the wrong hands. It is very important when organizations deal with very sensitive and private data, like client information, ID, numbers, financial transactions and health information or new product launch data. Moreover, we want this for avoiding production data getting intermingled with test data
  • Write access to a production server is limited to specific system engineers which is a good thing
  • A production server hosts only live applications and finalize content. The unfinished and preliminary versions of applications and data should never be placed on this server
  • But most of all - it allows us to make mistakes without making anyone angry

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